Features List

Below is a brief list of the features supported on CallExchange. If you need more details or would like a demonstration please contact us.

Hosted Turnkey Solution
  We host the billing and management platform which manages all of your postpaid clients, prepaid card batches, and rates. You manage your clients and cards via a web based system. We also provide all the termination of your client's calls. This means that there are no setup costs for you to join and start selling.
$0.00 to join
There are no setup or monthly fees on CallExchange. You only pay for the minutes you buy.
Web based management
You manage your clients, prepaid card batches, rates, credit limits, invoicing schedules - just to name a few via a web based system available 24/7 from any web browser on any computer with an internet connection. In addition you can manage your rates faster via proprietary software that runs on Microsoft Windows.
Real-time system
Your clients are charged in real time and their balances are immediately re-calculated at the end of every call. In addition the length of each call is restricted to the amount of minutes they have remaining based on the rate to the destination and the amount of credit left on their prepaid card or there pre-defined amount you have specified for a postpaid client. All statistics are immediately available to you after a call ends.
Prepaid Calling Cards
You can generate prepaid calling cards in batches. Each batch can support PIN's that are between 10 to 15 digits. You control the number of cards in a batch, when batches and cards can be activated, de-activated, and expire. Batches can contain from 1 to over 1 million cards.
Postpaid Clients
You can support postpaid clients via dial-in to access numbers (yours our affiliates) with authentication via ANI/Caller-ID or PIN; or via VoIP gateways or IP phones at the customers premise. You manage per client or group the rates, minimum duration, incremental duration, credit limits, invoicing periods, and finance/late fees.
ANI / caller-ID authentication
Your postpaid clients can be authenticated by their caller ID (the number they are calling from) rather than entering a PIN.
PIN based authentication
Prepaid clients are authenticated by PIN. Postpaid clients can also be authenticated via PIN if their caller ID is unavailable/blocked or they are calling from a number that you have not registered.
H.323 and SIP endpoint and IP telephone support
You can deploy to your customers homes or offices H.323 and/or SIP based VoIP gateways and IP telephones. This allows you to deploy a direct connection to the customer and minimizes costs both for you and the customer by removing the need to dial either a local or toll-free access number to place a call.
Supports any currency
CallExchange can support charging your customers in any currency you choose.
Call charges, payments, and discounts with ledger
All charges for calls made by clients are kept on a transaction ledger for each client. The system automatically keeps track of all call charges for billing and credit purposes. You can apply payments, discounts, adjustments, and deposits to each client within the ledger.
Client account web access with "branding"
You can provide your clients access via a web page to their call activity, rates, invoices, and available access numbers. In addition you can "brand" your service by placing a frame within your own web page (I.E. www.yourcompany.com) for clients to access their accounts via your website.
Supports multiple languages
Clients can access their accounts via a web page in multiple languages. In addition IVR prompts when users dial-in to place a call can be in multiple languages.
Configurable minimum and incremental durations
You can configure the minimum and incremental durations for calls on both prepaid card batches and per client or group on postpaid clients. Examples of this would be 30 second minimum per call, with 6 seconds incremental duration (normally shown as 30/6). I.E a call that is 33 seconds would be charged 36 seconds.
Flexible rating of calls
You can define per prepaid card batch or per postpaid client or group how to charge your clients. This is accomplished by the location they are calling FROM, and the destination they are calling TO. I.E. you can decide a customer that dial-in from Italy to call the USA pays more than a client dialing in from the UK to call the USA. Rates are easily managed via the web based system or using our proprietary Windows based software.
Time of day, day of week rates
Both prepaid and postpaid customers can be charged either flat rates or time-of-day/day-of-week based rates on a schedule you configure.
Extensive reporting and analysis tools
You have access to reports that include real time information on your traffic, revenue, profits, clients with low credit, and clients that are overdue for payment - to name a few.
Automated invoicing including tax / VAT
For your postpaid clients you define the schedule of when they are billed either per client or by group. Invoices can be generated from 1 to 8 times a month for each client. Invoices are automatically generated on the day(s) of the month that you select. All invoices are available to the client via a web based login. You decide whether tax or VAT should be charged to a client, and at what rate.
Customize invoices
Invoices to your clients can be customized with the colors of your choice, in the language you choose, with your company name, contact information, and logo.
Charge late payment fees
Your postpaid clients can be charged a late fee when their bill is not paid on time. You choose the grace period to give for payment, and the APR to charge when a client is overdue.
Automated customizable email invoice alerts
You can alert your postpaid clients (and your sales/accounting staff) via email when their invoice is generated by CallExchange. The email is scriptable to contain the client name, invoicing date, and invoice due date. Text in the email can be configured by you in any language.
Automated customizable email credit limit alerts
You can alert your postpaid clients (and your sales/accounting staff) via email when they are approaching their credit limits. The thresholds (I.E 60%, 90% of credit limit) are configurable by you. The email is scriptable to contain the client name, credit threshold reached, current balance, and total credit. Text in the email can be configured by you in any language.
Send Advertisements
You can send advertisements to all of your postpaid customers in the system via email right from the system. Choose which customers you wish to send the advertisement to by selecting manually, by rate profile, only active or inactive customers, or all customers. Simply enter the subject line and text you wish to send and it is sent out. Perfect for advertising lower prices or special deals.
Managed dial codes
We manage the dial codes in the system so you don't have to. Maintaining dial codes for each destination in the world is a difficult and time consuming task. We regularly update our dial codes to ensure they are accurate.
Integrated trouble ticket management
Trouble tickets for individual clients, or problems/questions with CallExchange can be inserted, tracked, and updated via the website. CallExchange staff are alerted to all new trouble tickets.
Unlimited administrative users with full access control per user
You can create users for the system with full control over what can be viewed and modified by each user. This allows you to restrict customer service personnel to only the parts of the system that you want them to manage for example.
Full logging
All access and changes to the system are logged and are available to you at all times.