What is CallExchange?
How do my clients place calls using CallExchange?
How do I start using CallExchange?
How do I manage my clients?
What are the cost benefits?
Who sets the rates I charge my customers?
How can I brand my business with CallExchange?

Who sets the rates I charge my customers?

With CallExchange, you set your own rates and duration (billing steps). You can create as many rate profiles as you want to meet your specific market demand.
CallExchange can terminate your customer's calls worldwide - to landline, mobile, satellite, and special services numbers.

Ask yourself the following when comparing our rates to others:

?Do you need to provide your own retail billing and management platform?
With many other carriers you will need to purchase and build your own retail billing and management system - see "What are the cost benefits" CallExchange provides you with a turnkey hosted solution - eliminating or minimizing startup and monthly costs.

?Do you have enough traffic?
Many Tier 1 carriers and exchanges impose monthly minimums on traffic to interconnect with them. If you are doing less than 1 million minutes per month you may not be able to connect to Tier 1 carriers. CallExchange provides service whether you are doing 10,000 or 10,000,000 minutes per month.

?Completion of your clients calls?
Many carriers can provide discounted rates, but do they have high completion ratios? If your clients calls do not go through you make nothing on them (you may even lose money in some cases). Poor quality also leads to unsatisfied customers. CallExchange has interconnections with multiple Tier 1 carriers and offers exceptional service worldwide.


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Features List:
Hosted Turnkey Solution
We host the billing and management platform which manages all of your postpaid clients...

Termination of calls
We provide the termination of calls that your customers place - we've built the interconnects so you don't have to.

$0.00 to join
There are no setup or monthly fees on CallExchange. You only pay for the minutes you buy.

Provide pre-paid or post-paid calling cards or accounts all at the same time - integrated into one easy to use web based system.

Many ways to call
Your clients can call via dial-in with authentication of ANI or PIN; or via VoIP softphones or customer premise equipment.

Real Time System
See your traffic and manage your clients in real time, all the time.

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