1. What is CallExchange?

CallExchange enables all types of switched and VoIP carriers as well as entrepreneurs interested in building a pre/postpaid origination business to connect to a multinational worldwide hosted billing platform with access numbers spanning the globe. With CallExchange you can offer Prepaid and Postpaid calling cards, as well as VoIP access with customer premise equipment all at the same time.

CallExchange provides the hosted billing solution and customer management system, termination of minutes, technical expertise, and 24/7 customer support. By becoming an affiliate of CallExchange, half your work is done for you already.

Dozens of companies have already joined CallExchange, which benefits you with an extensive list of access numbers using ANI/Caller-ID or PIN based authentication, as well as IP access.

The math is easy - use one of our affiliates existing PSTN access numbers or VoIP access and there is ZERO investment on your part; or, if you decide to build your own access point (POP) for a small investment, you can earn commissions on other affiliates customers when they use your access number.

Regardless of how your customers place calls using CallExchange you have a solution that

  • Manages your clients and their credit limits
  • Manages your rates
  • Allows you to offer VoIP premise equipment to your customers
  • Provides you with additional access numbers in other countries
  • Provides you with termination of all calls your customers place
  • Can be managed via a web browser
  • Many additional features - Click here to see more