4. How do I manage my clients?

All management of CallExchange can be performed via any computer with a web browser that has an internet connection - 24 hours a day.

Client details

Rates interface on the web site

Windows Rate software

Management includes:

  • Client Accounts
  • ANI/Caller-ID and PIN authentication
  • VoIP customer premise equipment authentication
  • Credit limits and deposits
  • Rates
  • Can be managed via a web browser
  • Invoicing
  • Much more - click here to see detailed feature list

Advanced rate management can be achieved by using our rate software which runs on Microsoft Windows.

The rate software allows you to copy rate profiles, perform markups/markdowns based on buying rates, other rate profiles, percentage, minimum and maximums. All rates can be exported to XML for advertising or other purposes.

All management and traffic statistics are in REAL-TIME.