7. How can I brand my business with CallExchange?

You can brand your company or service when connected to CallExchange in a number of ways:

  • Prepaid calling cards - You print your cards with whatever logo, text, and graphics you choose.
  • Marketing materials - You can print marketing materials such as flyers, billboards, posters, and other advertisements.

In addition you can setup a website for your company and within minutes provide a login for your clients to see:

  • Account summary in real time
  • Current and previous invoices
  • Call activity in real time since their last invoice was issued
  • Rates
  • Account information and contracts
  • Ability to change their email address (username), and password
  • Ability to receive their password via email if they have lost it

All the features listed above can be achieved easily by placing a frame within your website that links to CallExchange.

To see how this would look please move your mouse over the image below.

You do not have to indicate that you are using CallExchange to provide service in your marketing materials or on your website.