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From billing and customer relationship management to routing and termination of your customers' calls, CallExchange provides a one-stop solution to start or expand into prepaid calling cards, postpaid calling cards, and VoIP, all on one easy-to-use web-based hosted platform.

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Unlock Your Telecommunications Business Potential with CallExchange

Discover a turnkey solution with CallExchange, designed to swiftly and affordably launch prepaid and postpaid calling cards, accounts, VoIP softphones, and customer premise equipment for companies venturing into the retail telecommunications sector. Take the Tour to explore the capabilities of CallExchange further.

CallExchange operates under Aerocall, Inc., utilizing the extensive Aerocall VoIP network to connect calls globally. CallExchange leverages the robust Aerocall VoIP network for global call connectivity, ensuring seamless communication worldwide.

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Hosted Turnkey Solution

We host the billing and management platform which manages all of your postpaid clients...


Termination of calls

We provide the termination of calls that your customers place - we've built the interconnects so you don't have to.


$0.00 to join

There are no setup or monthly fees on CallExchange. You only pay for the minutes you buy.



Provide pre-paid or post-paid calling cards or accounts all at the same time - integrated into one easy to use web based system.


Many ways to call

Your clients can call via dial-in with authentication of ANI or PIN; or via VoIP softphones or customer premise equipment.


Real Time System

See your traffic and manage your clients in real time, all the time.

Call Center

Call Center Solutions


Rotate numbers per country

Maintain local presence for your sales and customer support teams with the largest coverage of local, mobile, national, toll-free and SMS-enabled virtual numbers.


Organize your workflows

Invite your agents to work with you, organize your workflows, and see what your customers are doing in one place, a lot less stressful for you and them.


Use effective integrations

Grow your customer base by using seamless integrations with unlimited possibilities. Use simple but e[ective integrations to boost your productivity and performance.


Anyone in the financial sector is vulnerable to digital threats. We at callexchange acknowledge the risks involved and therefore build custom well-protected solutions that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.


Callexchange helps you keep all customer data and interactions in one place self-hosted server so your agent can easily pull their information in real-time and have a flaxiable decision on what information to pull and what they want to remove.

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